We at The Cool Wood Company were chuffed to be featured in the trendy Edinburgh magazine i-on. From a granary to New York style loft penthouse, James Longworth spent six months renovating his 5,000 sq ft property in Leith. Here he lets i-on inside his seriously stylish home tucked away in Timber Bush. For the full article you can read on here.



DIY SOS takes on the issue of Kids in Crisis in the UK which has resulted in the biggest project the team has been involved in. BB1’s DIY SOS came to the aid of 39 year old father Joe James and his four children, who had encountered more than their fair share of bad luck during the last six years.The team virtually built a house from scratch in two weeks and we were happy to contribute. We were able to supply a table just in time for the unveiling (and meet some of the team as well!).
The programme was shown on BBC1 on December 10.

DIY SOSDIY SOS Kids in Crisis 068 Kitchen - longshot table