thinking-greenerWe’re not saint’s but we try and keep our eye on green issues and strive to be cleaner and greener.

We at The Cool Wood Company are very aware of the environmental aspects of design and manufacturing. Consumption and the excesses of our time are on the increase. We aim to break the cycle of buying new things when we already have too much by designing objects that are timeless and made to last, furniture that people will love and want to live with for a long time to come.

Nature doesn’t grow in straight lines or perfectly formed shapes. It’s inconsitencies and imperfections are part  of its intrinsic appeal. We hand pick our timbers which enables us to enhance and celebrate the woods characteristics such as natural twists, knots and splits.

The Oak and Pine Timbers are worked by hand and sourced locally. This helps us to keep our carbon foot print as low as possible whilst putting money back into the local economy. Our suppliers are members of the Timber Trade Federation, ensuring sustainable forests and the best environmental practices. The Cool Wood Company pledges to donate £5 everytime a bed is sold to The Woodland Trust in order to help support the future of Britains Woodlands.